May 2018 PCC Meeting Report

The new PCC for this year met on 22nd May beginning with a Eucharist during which members offered their own intercessions related to the work of the PCC.  Outcomes from the meeting included:

  • Summer Fete: we received a report on progress for 30th June.  Raffle tickets were issued to all PCC members.  St Nicolas congregation are to receive tickets soon.
  • Southside Appeal: It was reported that the income to date amounts to about £12K and future events include the monthly cake sale, the fete, a short concert by the St Nicolas Quartet on 15th July, the Psalmathon in September, and a Bonfire and Bangers Evening in October (all events on the Parish Calendar).  Seven applications have also been made for grants from Trusts etc.
  • Church Notice Boards and Office: It was reported that we almost have everything together to establish the office and improve the noticeboards.  The location of the office space was considered and it was agreed to trial the plan agreed at the previous meeting.  The need to create a church office (not a Vicar’s office) was emphasised if we are to achieve our Mission Action Plans.
  • PCC Code of Conduct: As a new PCC, we agreed a new code of conduct in order to make our meetings – and our work between meetings – work efficiently and effectively.
  • Safeguarding Policy: As we are required to do each year, we reviewed our policy and approved it.
  • Finances: we received an update on the fact that we are still in deficit.  It was agreed that Jonathan Farnhill, Generous Giving Advisor for Oxford Diocese will join our meeting in July to help us plan for how we can improve this situation.  He will also preach on Sunday, 23rd September at St Nicolas.  A Deanery request for consideration of a parish share increase was also discussed and it was agreed to consider this further in the autumn.
  • Worship Sub Committee: It was reported that we have received over 50 responses and that these will be analysed in early  June followed by a series of interviews with sample respondents.  The findings will be presented to the PCC in July and these findings will also be published to encourage further thinking about possible proposals for the future.
  • Life Treasury Proposal: The St Nicolas PCC looked at a possible proposal which seemed to offer a regular income for our church.  It was agreed to ask the people behind ‘Life Treasury’ to present the proposal to the PCC at a special meeting and answer our many questions about it.