For those baptised

The quieter months of summer offer us all an opportunity to pray for our churches and for all who live in our communities.  I invite you to pray for all those baptised in St Nicolas and St Anne’s this year.

Faithful and loving God, bless these children, and grant to their parents your gifts of love, wisdom and faith. Pour upon them your healing and reconciling love, and protect their homes from all evil. Fill them with the light of your presence and bring them the joy of your kingdom, through Jesus Christ our Lord.        Amen



January                           Vivian

April                                Robyn, Harry, Tommy

May                                 Mia, Ophelia, James

June                                Tommy

July                                 Matilda, Phoebe

September                      Maddison

October                           Jude, Finlee and Helen

November                       William

God of grace and life, in your love you have given us a place among your people; keep us faithful to our baptism, and prepare us for that glorious day when the whole creation will be made perfect in your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen

Baptism preparation course begins Sunday 2nd September.