The Site of our 7th Century Church

An Interesting result of our lack of rain!: The condition of our grass areas has become a bonanza for archeologists who are seeing patterns indicating what is beneath.  Pam and Phil recently went to Taplow Court and noticed (light coloured) “parchmarks” showing the location of the very first (AngloSaxon ca. 7th Century) church in Taplow where our predecessors sang(?) and worshipped.  You can see the rectangular outline of the church and, adjoining it to the south, the parchmarking of the South Porticus (used for high status burials in AngloSaxon times), length of the church (15.5mtrs) and size and position of the South Porticus match the English Heritage survey of the site in 1995, which appears to be the last time the parchmarks were visible.