Outcomes from PCC Meeting held on Wednesday, 19th January, 2022

  • Budget for 2022: Our income against expenditure is a major concern for the PCC.  We are not in a position to pay all our Parish Share and increases in our energy bills will exacerbate the situation.  We agreed a month by month budget plan for this year and are committed to finding ways to increase our income.
  • Stewardship Campaign: To raise awareness of our budgetary problems and the need to recruit more volunteers to engage in our mission work, we are planning a new Stewardship campaign to start at the APCM in April.  There will be a leaflet, talks and various follow-ups during April and May in particular.
  • Volunteer List: Sometimes people don’t know who to speak to about different things so we are creating a ‘Volunteer List’ to be posted with the PCC photos in the north porch with the names of who co-ordinates what.
  • Safeguarding: All PCC members now need to do an online  ‘Domestic Abuse’ course and we are now establishing ‘job descriptions’ for all those who work for our church in different ways.  These will be useful when different people take over roles.
  • Jane’s Sabbatical Leave: Jane will be on well-deserved Sabbatical leave for all of May, June and July.  Our church wardens will be in charge of the parish and Suzanne and visiting clergy will take services.  Practical arrangements regarding dealing with phone enquiries, email addresses etc are being addressed.
  • Sub-Committee Reports: The Mission and Outreach Sub-Committee are monitoring new developments like Taplow Tots & Tea and Snic Snacks with particular attention to sustainability.  All agreed that ‘Meet the Nativity’ had been a valuable activity in engaging the wider community (a Co-ordinator will be needed to do this again next year).  The Fabric Sub-group has got an new socket in the kitchen for our new fridge, dealt with issues around our church clock and consulted with contractors regarding our carpet at the west door. The Friends of St Nicolas Church’s first bi-monthly Taplow Talk about Taplow Court has interested some 65 people.  The March event will be a Welsh Evening on St David’s Day (1st March).

If you have any questions or comments about any of these things, don’t hesitate to talk to members of the PCC.

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