Photos and Video

Obviously you will want still and video pictures to record the event. Outside the church, of course, there are no restrictions at all, but inside the building, and during your wedding service, we have to ask people to observe some rules.

Only one professional (or designated) photographer can take still photographs inside the Church (and during the service itself they may not use flash). Professional equipment will not require flash to obtain good pictures.

St Nicolas Church Taplow
One professional (or designated) video cameraman may record the service. Some companies offer a team of video cameramen – this is perfectly acceptable provided that we know in advance. In order not to distract people from the wedding itself we prefer cameramen not to move around. Anyone taking video pictures needs to speak to the priest before the service – some choose to come to the rehearsal in church a few days before the wedding. Please note that no extra lighting is allowed in the church.

St Nicolas Church Taplow

St Nicolas Church Taplow

Please make sure that your photographers are aware of these ‘rules’ to save any problems on the day.
After the service the bridal party will leave by the west doors, which are then closed. The rest of the guests leave by the south door. This is to enable the bride and groom to stand just outside for photographs without everyone else trying to get out behind them. The guests can make their way round to the west door on the outside where there is plenty of room for them to assemble for the photographs. Also it is possible to just pop across the road from the church onto the village green which makes a nice setting. See the GALLERY page for some pictures.

Please remember NO FLASH photography during the service.

St Nicolas Church Taplow