On the Day


Please, do ask your ushers to be at the church at least half an hour before the service (even if there is another wedding before yours).  At least one Verger from the Church will be on duty, usually at least 45 minutes before the wedding, and will be happy to advise them or give information.

It would be helpful if, at the end of the service, one usher would wait until all your guests are out of the church and then retrieve spectacles, camera cases, etc., which tend to get left behind as well as remove any florist’s cardboard boxes (provided for buttonholes) and the like. Also retrieve the CD or tape if we have used the sound system.

Please do advise your guests who have young babies to feel free, during the service, to get up and take them into the lobby or outside for a while if they get fractious – they needn’t feel that they have got to stay in their place trying to keep the baby quiet. In fact it is much better if noisy children are taken out because it can become very difficult to hear and may spoil your special day.

We don’t want to spoil the fun but we would be very grateful if you could ask your guests to keep confetti outside and away from the church. It can blow back into the church if the doors are open! Alternatively, you could delegate an usher, for example, to stay for a while and borrow our vacuum cleaner!