Wedding Flowers

You have several options when it comes to the floral decorations for your wedding.

You can accept whatever the flowers happen to be in Church on the day of your wedding. There are normally some floral decorations in Church, though in Lent (6 weeks up to Easter) and Advent (4 weeks up to Christmas) we don’t have flowers in Church for Sundays.

You can arrange for your own choice of professional florist to prepare decorations for the Church. Because of the liaison work required by this, we have to charge a facilities fee of £25 if you choose this option.

The Church’s own team of flower arrangers are prepared to arrange for some modest extra displays for your wedding. If you are interested in this option then contact Mrs Fiona Uden via our Vicar (see below)
Please note that (for reasons of health and safety) we are aware there is a problem with the use of candles in flower arrangements – therefore all use of candles needs to be approved in advance. In particular, all use of small candles placed on (or near) the floor is forbidden.


Whatever course you decide upon you must contact Mrs Fiona Uden via our Vicar (01628 661182) make sure she knows what is planned.