Church is available for funerals and our Churchyard is still “open” for burials and interment of ashes. We also host the Life Treasury Scheme within St Nicolas Church.  This is a lovely facility for the storage of ashes (see details below).  For further information about funerals, please contact:

a) Our Vicar, Revd. Jane Cresswell [] or ring her on 01628 661182 for initial enquiries and

b) Jeff and Sharon Johnson for details of relevant fees on

We ask that families of the deceased consider an ongoing contribution to the upkeep of the churchyard.

Life Treasury at St Nicolas Church, Taplow

Life treasury gives bereaved families an alternative option to respectfully memorialise their loved ones in an appropriate and meaningful setting whilst also supporting the preservation of Churches and Cathedrals.  The Life Treasury Book holds the ashes of your loved one and is locked into the Church’s Library of life memorial.

What is the cost?

A Life treasury book and 100 year placement at St Nicolas Church, Taplow costs £695 as part of the funeral package via a local funeral director, or £834 (£695 + VAT) as a stand-one purchase.

What are the benefits?

  • Respectfully memorialise loved ones in an appropriate and meaningful setting
  • Supporting the preservation of the church
  • Strengthening community connections
  • Assisting with the grieving process
  • Allowing families to tell the life story of their loved one
  • Providing a focal point to remember loved ones
  • More cost effective than traditional burial in many areas
  • Long term certainty
  • Transferable to another Life Treasury location

What is included?

Each beautifully hand-made Life Treasury Book includes a hidden urn unit for the ashes of your loved one, a photo memory book, keepsake box for any small non-valuable sentimental items and a 100 year placement at the church.


To contact Life Treasury, please email: or visit

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