Outcomes from the PCC Meeting held on Thursday, 7th July, 2022

  • Stewardship Campaign: the PCC reviewed what we have done with the leaflet and sermons and what the next steps should be.  With the help of the Parish Administrator, we will create a full list of ways in which people can play a part in church life and invite people to participate.  We will also provide a monthly summary (in pew leaflet) of income against expenditure and encourage people to think about their level of giving
  • Taplow for Ukraine: Nicki Jeffries summarised what has been going on and the PCC learnt of the numbers of refugees coming into the area and how the church will invite them and their hosts to an afternoon tea soon.
  • Inclusive Church: The implications of claiming that we are an inclusive church were discussed.  It was agreed that we needed to find ways to discuss these implications; possibly sermons, opportunities for the congregations to talk about their views etc.  The PCC is committed to exploring what inclusion means amongst all church members.
  • Servery: Following the success of the ‘café’ area in the north aisle, it has been agreed to create a servery on that side of the church to avoid having to carry hot drinks etc across the church.  Funding has been obtained to install plumbing on that side but to start with, we will conduct a three month trial (without plumbing) to see if it works for everyone.
  • Worship Sub Committee: it is hoped that the worship sub-committee could review our pattern of worship and nature of our services with particular reference to our worship being accessible to families.
  • Friends of St Nicolas: The PCC recognised the success of this initiative as it approaches its first ‘birthday’. There will be an exclusive ‘party’ for the Friends in early October.
  • Fabric Sub Committee: the PCC heard of problems related to pigeons in the tower, the arrangements for doing tree work in the churchyard, the slow progress related to repairs at the Hampton Vault in the old churchyard and the carving of 2nd World War names on the war memorial
  • Suzanne and Mark Johnson:  The PCC recognised the contribution of Suzanne and Mark to our church life and wished them every success as Suzanne takes up her new post in Slough.