Outcomes from PCC Meeting: Sunday, 1st November

  1. Christmas Arrangements: The meeting considered proposals which include a Christingle service, a Nine Lessons and Choir Carols (10:00, 20th December), Midnight Mass (11:30pm 24th December), Christmas Day Eucharist (10:00).
  2. The Church Wardens are to review the Church’s Risk Assessments.
  3. Plans for the new year include a return to a monthly Choral Matins at St Anne’s and a Service for families at St Nicolas.
  4. Our new Treasurer (Jessie Cooper) alerted the meeting to the fact that we are currently in deficit by £1,385 per month and this will increase to £2,285 per month in the new year when we start paying off the heating contractors.
  5. A calendar of meetings for the new year was agreed. In January, the PCC will re-visit the Mission Action Plan and consider Stewardship.
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