Outcomes from PCC Meeting: Monday, 16th August, 2021

The PCC met in person for the first time since the lockdown. There was a short communion service to precede the meeting and the agenda centred on reviewing our position in all aspects of our work and mission. These were the main outcomes. Don’t hesitate to talk to any PCC member about any of this.

  1. The three mission priorities: On opening the church more during the week, Suzanne told the meeting about Snic Snacks on Friday afternoons when parents collecting children from local schools can call in for chat and refreshments. This has started well and will resume again when the autumn term begins. More help in running it would be welcome. On the creation of a Pastoral Care Team, Jane presented a paper outlining how this will work to support those alone or vulnerable. She explained that she had recruited seven people and would like a few more. All volunteers will be trained and have DBS clearance. On on-line developments, Tony told the meeting that between one and five people watch our Sunday service ‘live’ and during the week, many more view the service in their own time. He explained that we are due to meet someone to help us with sound and possibly to install better equipment which would enable us to offer live-streaming for weddings and funerals.
  2. Stewardship: We are due for a stewardship campaign shortly. What this will involve is being discussed at present.
  3. The Friends of St Nicolas Church: Nicki indicated that about 30 people have registered as Friends and the first quarterly Friends’ Newsletter has been issued to them. It is expected that membership will increase particularly when our school resumes in September. The first Annual Event is on Saturday, 25th September and will include a reception, a talk about the history of our church from Phil Taylor and some choral and instrumental items.
  4. The PCC Sub-committees: The meeting noted the current agendas of our sub-committees. The Worship group are looking at a list of twelve recommendations agreed prior to the lock-down. The Mission and Outreach group are looking at how to build our community involvement post-covid including a possible book club, talks about people’s jobs, opportunities for using the church more during the week. The fund-raising group referred to Jane’s recent ‘meal’ opportunities at the Rectory and, with the active support of the Social Committee, we are organising a scarecrow festival around the Harvest Festival.
  5. Discussion Group sessions: In the Autumn, it is hoped to run five, weekly evening sessions in which we view a film/video followed by discussion.
  6. Treasurer’s Report: The meeting looked at our financial position which remains difficult with us not being in a position to pay our full parish share. Our treasurer gave us details of income and expenditure and we addressed some practical issues to improve how things are managed and administered. It was agreed by all that we have to find ways to increase our income.
  7. Other matters: As usual, the meeting reviewed Health and Safety matters, safeguarding issues, the Electoral Roll and news from the Deanery Synod.