Worship for Sunday, 16th May: 7th Sunday of Easter

Our morning service will be live-streamed at 10:45 and accessible from here on the link below. You can access all our online services in the ‘Services’ section of this website.

In addition, there are links below to the Diocesan online worship and the Church of England offering. Do join us in person or online.

The Diocesan Service Sunday 9th May: Sixth Sunday of Easter

Church at Home order of service cover for the sixth Sunday of Easter. A photo of a bronze statue made of knives.

Welcome to Church at Home on the sixth Sunday of Easter. We are delighted to have the Rt Revd Olivia Graham as our president today, with a reflection by the Ven Canon Stephen Pullin. A huge thanks to everyone from across the diocese who has contributed ideas, prayers and action – you have made this service possible.

Our gospel reading this week calls us to a fruitful love of the other, like Jesus does us – a love that’s in it for the long haul. The Jesus of the gospels lived at the edges of polite society. He was out in the wild, untamed places of the community, searching for the ones who didn’t ‘belong.’ The Jewish leaders of his day could not get their heads around such love – a love that not only frolics with lambs, but wrestles with wolves too.

As we worship, let us reflect on the costly love of the ‘other’ that we celebrate in Eastertide, calling to mind the love that flows from God through Jesus. Let us summon the courage to live it, as we participate in the abundance of that goodness in every moment of the day, now and always.

Click the ‘Church at Home’ picture above from 10:00am to attend the service.

The Church of England Service Sunday 9th May: Sixth Sunday of Easter

Loving and following Jesus through music, prayer and reflection

Tim Hughes speaks of loving and following Jesus, in this extract from our online worship.

From Gas Street Church, Birmingham, the full service features prayer, music and reflections for the Sixth Sunday of Easter.

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