Our Annual Parish Church Meeting

This was held in church after our morning service on 18th October. The proceedings included:

  1. Election of Wardens: Tony Bridges, Hilary Monaghan and Janet Appleton were elected.
  2. A ‘thank you’ to Phil and Pam Taylor: Phil was presented with a bowl and cross made from St Nicolas Church oak together with a cheque. Pam received a plant in recognition of her support for Phil and her great contribution to the work of our church.
  3. New Members of PCC: three new members of PCC were elected; Mark Johnson, Jessie Cooper and Nicola Mole. Jessie has agreed to be our Treasurer (James Snoxall is stepping down). There remains a vacancy on the PCC
  4. Financial Matters: James explained the accounts pointing out that we require an additional £1K per month to balance our books and this will increase to £2K next year when we start paying back our loan for the heating system.

All the reports from our Vicar, the PCC, the church Wardens and the Deanery Synod are contained within the booklet for the APCM.

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