World Day of Prayer Service

On Friday, 6th March, St Nicolas Church played host to our local Churches Together annual World Day of Prayer Service. Around eighty people from local churches gathered together with a choir from St Nicolas School to share a service of worship from the Women of Zimbabwe. This service was celebrated in over 170 countries around the world.

People in Zimbabwe are offered water when they arrive to worship so water was offered to our congregation

Women, men and children of all ages were called to ‘Rise, take your mat and walk’. The service encouraged us all to reflect on the difficulties and unrest that have plagued Zimbabwe over many years. They shared the challenges they have met and the hopes they have for the future. They encouraged us to ‘Rise, take your mat and walk‘ with them as they continue their often turbulent journey towards full reconciliation.

Revd Jane Cresswell, Vicar of St Nicolas Church, introduces the service

The responsive congregation at St Nicolas Church all made their commitments to ACT following the service. These commitments centred around:

  • finding ways to love each other more, even those different to ourselves
  • listening and being more open-minded and less judgemental about other people
  • seeking practical ways to support others both locally and in other parts of our world
  • giving the needs of others a higher priority in our prayers

To find out more about this service and the World Day of Prayer, visit the World Day of Prayer website.

A Mat, a Bible and three candles (the colours of the Zimbabwe flag) were brought to an altar; the candles represented Love, Peace and Reconciliation
After the service, soup and cake was offered to the whole congregation
As people left the service, they were given a card with a sisal bookmark in order to remember the service and their commitments.