March PCC Meeting Report

The PCC met on 20th March.  Outcomes from the meeting were as follows:

  • Summer Fete – Jane and Nicki have attended a planning meeting with school representatives and it has been agreed that this year, we will hold our joint Fete on the Village Green to help foster a closer relationship between church and community.  It will be held on 30th June from 12.00pm to 4.00pm with stalls provided by the church, the school and other organizations in the local community.  There are lots of ideas for entertainment being investigated and we are asked to consider running stalls and also donating raffle prizes.
  • Southside Appeal – Phil informed the meeting of six events already planned (see the calendar for details of them) and indicated that he was also pursuing Trusts for grants.  The sale of Taplow Moments, Taplow Tea Towels and books in church will continue throughout the appeal.  Phil appealed to everyone to find a way of making their own contribution.
  • The Purpose of the PCC – the meeting discussed the role of the PCC and its members emphasising the responsibility of members to ‘represent’ the whole church and fulfil God’s mission in our community.
  • The Approval of the Annual Report – Jane submitted her draft report as part of the Annual Report and it was agreed what needed to be done to complete the report.  The aim is to publish the finished report on Easter Sunday so people have the chance to read it before the Annual Parochial Church meeting on 15th April.
  • Establishing a Church Office – Jim spoke to the plans to establish a Parish Office in Church to reduce the amount of time our Vicar spends in admin, to improve our procedures and to have the church open to visitors more.  Given the financial restraints, we will have to get something going without a budget ie. donations, offers of equipment and willing volunteers!  The plan is to move the children’s corner up the south aisle and screen off a six square metre area where the children’s corner is now.  This will enable volunteers manning the office to easily see people coming into church and also enable the Vicar to see the children more easily at the beginning of services.  No permanent structures will be built; we will develop this facility step by step starting after Easter.
  • Re-ordering of Noticeboards – Jim spoke to plans to rationalise our noticeboard provision taking advantage of the new Church Office plans.  We intend to make the external boards more inviting to visitors, the right hand porch noticeboard will have photos of who does what (Vicar, Church Wardens, PCC members, etc), there will be one small wall mounted board on the left of the porch with statutory information about the building  together with the church calendar, and then in the church, we will have an Appeals & Outreach board, and a Children and Young People board.  The Administration Board (rotas etc) will be on the new office divider screen.  Specific people will have responsibility for keeping specific boards up to date.
  • Data Protection – Jenny outlined new regulations related to the holding of personal information and its use.  The meeting discussed the implications of this for information we hold.
  • Safeguarding – Jane drew our attention to the new online course which PCC members should do to ensure we are all aware of how to address issues related to safeguarding children and adults.
  • Treasurer’s report – James took the meeting through the draft accounts for last year which will be published in the Annual Report.  The figures show a worrying trend in which once again expenditure exceeded income by some £18,000.  The meeting agreed that finding ways to balance our books was of the highest priority and we intend to consult with finance people at Diocesan level in order to explore approaches to achieving this.
  • Worship Sub-Committee Report – Jane reported that the sub-committee are ready to undertake a consultation exercise within our congregation and within our wider community, regarding patterns of worship.  We will launch a questionnaire at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting which will also be online.  The sub-committee intend to follow up questionnaire responses with interviews and aim to make an initial report to PCC in July.
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