Heating Appeal

Our current boiler was condemned due to carbon monoxide emissions at its annual service in May 2019.

Our Building Subcommittee, having considered a range of options, recommended accepting the quote from HeatinGlobal Ltd. to install a new gas-fired boiler radiator-based system. This recommendation was unanimously endorsed by our PCC.

Work is scheduled to start on February 3rd 2020, assuming we can raise sufficient funds for this work, and will take about four weeks to complete.

The total cost will be £81,000 + VAT, comprising an initial payment of £57,000 + VAT on completion of the work, with the remaining £24,000 + VAT being payable (interest-free) over the next two years.

We plan to use one of our (few) remaining investments (Percy Goulden Restricted Bequest) to help towards the initial payment, but we need to fund-raise approximately £16,000 by the end of January 2020 to fully meet this £57,000 initial payment.

Some fund raising has already been completed towards this £16,000

London to Brighton Cycle Ride

Phantasy Trio Concert

Raffle at our Summer Garden Party

Personal donations

and more is now planned.

Can you help?

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