In July, 2018, we launched “Connections”.  Helping us to make connections between life and faith, strengthening our connections with one another and deepening our connection with God, Connections offers the opportunity to reflect on a different topic each time using Brian McLaren’s book “We make the road by walking”.  Topics are advertised in the preceding Sunday’s pew leaflet and everyone is welcome to come along to any evening of interest to them.  The sessions take place once a fortnight on a Wednesday evening from 7pm to 9pm in St Nicolas Church.  We share a simple supper, read a short extract from the book and enjoy conversation around the topic.  The programme for the first ten sessions is outlined below:

Wednesday 4th July: Awe and wonder – page 3
Wednesday 18th July: Being human – page 8
Wednesday 1st August: A world of meaning – page13
Wednesday 15th August: The drama of desire – page18
Wednesday 29th August: In over our heads – page 23
Wednesday 12th September: Plotting goodness – page 29
Wednesday 26th September: It’s not too late – page 33
Wednesday 10th October: Rivalry or Reconciliation – page 38
Wednesday 24th October: Freedom! – page 43

Come and see for yourself!


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