This year’s Deanery Confirmation Service is arranged for Sunday, 6th October at St Mary’s Church, Slough and preparation begins on Sunday, 19th May, 2019

What is Confirmation?

The word means strengthening or deepening one’s relationship with God.  At confirmation Christians take the opportunity to affirm for themselves the promises made on their behalf at baptism.  Put simply, being confirmed is a way of saying “This is our faith”.

The confirmation service is a great celebration for the whole church.  Did you know that in the early church it was only the Bishop or his equivalent who had the authority to baptise as well as confirm and that the two were part and parcel of the same rite?  After being dipped in the water, the Bishop laid his hands on the newly baptised to ask God to confirm them with his Holy Spirit.

For practical reasons baptism and confirmation were separated in the Middle Ages. Parish priests took responsibility for baptism and the Bishop came annually, or even just once every few years, to confirm all those who had been baptised since his last visit.

To use a simple analogy, if baptism is the engagement, then confirmation is the marriage.  It is meant to follow as a natural consequence.  After confirmation you become a communicant member of the Church of England.

If you are interested in preparing for confirmation this year, please speak to Jane or contact her on 01628 661182 or email   If you would like to be part of the group and take the opportunity to explore the Christian faith in more depth but are not yet sure if you wish to be confirmed you are also warmly welcome to come along.

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