Confirmation Service, 2018


This year’s Deanery Confirmation Service will be held on Sunday, 23rd September at 6:00pm at St Peter’s Church, Burnham.  Four young people from our parish will be confirmed at this service.

Traditionally, confirmation was part of a wider ceremony of Christian initiation in the church in England. It only became a separate rite in the middle ages when bishops were no longer able to preside at all baptisms.  Anglicans who choose to be confirmed make a further commitment to the Christian journey that began with their baptism. At baptism their parents and Godparents made promises on their behalf.  At confirmation they affirm that faith for themselves. Through prayer and the laying of hands, the bishop asks God to send his Holy Spirit to give them the strength to live as disciples of Christ.

You can be confirmed at any age. It is a special moment in our lifelong journey of faith. If you would like to discuss Confirmation on your own behalf or on behalf of someone else, please speak to the Vicar.

Rev’d Jane Cresswell 01628 661182


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