Looking to the future; Outcomes from the PCC

The PCC met (on Zoom) last Wednesday planning for the future.

  • Vision Statement: in the light of our previous discussions about our Mission Action Plan, we are considering a single statement for ourselves and the wider community, to encapsulate what we are about related to our three themes: Worship, Mission, Community.
  • Mission Priorities: We have agreed three priorities for the next year. These are:
    1. Working towards opening our church building for a couple of hours five days a week.
    2. Identifying people to form a pastoral care team.
    3. Continuing online provision following the lockdown.
  • Accounts: The PCC noted the concerning deficit between our income and our expenditure. It was noted that this is a serious issue for us all and we started looking at how we can close the gap.
  • Stewardship: It was agreed that we will encourage all those involved subscribing to church regularly, to review their giving. It was also agreed that we will plan a Stewardship Campaign to encourage more people to donate to church regularly.
  • Friends of St Nicolas: The PCC enthusiastically supported some exciting plans for the launch of a new ‘Friends of St Nicolas’. More soon about these plans and we will be asking everyone to tell us of people both in the community and who have left the community who might like to receive an invitation to join.
  • Broadband in Church: our church is now on the internet which will enable us to live-stream our services when we are back in church. Members of the congregation will not be seen in these transmissions.

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