2.6 challenge for St Nic’s: What people did …

We know lots of people did funny/silly/difficult/tiring things on Sunday to support our church! We don’t have the final figure yet but it certainly runs into hundreds of pounds. Open up this post to find out what people did.

Sue Silver set herself the challenge of climbing up and down her stairs counting to 26 in French , then again counting in German and again, counting backwards in English. Wonderful!

Keith Paskins completed 26 hit of a shuttlecock (eventually!)

On his morning cycle ride, Jim said ‘Good Morning’ to 26 people. Most of them said it back to him!

Phil also cycled (the evidence is below!) – it just so happens that a ride from his house to the church and back is 2.6 miles!

Anna spent 2.6 hours weeding the garden; it must look lovely now!

Of course, others did the 2.6 miles on foot.

Perhaps the most complex was Pam Taylor’s challenge; to walk the 2.6 miles to church and to count 26 different wild flowers on the way then on the way home, to count 26 trees/shrubs. Don’t believe it? Look at this…..

26 Wildflowers26 Trees/Shrubs
1. Common Sow Thistle1. Rowan
2. Herb Robert2. Sycamore
3. Groundsel3. Silver Birch
4. Stinging Nettle4. Common Lime
5. Dandelion5. Yew
6. Daisy6. Hazel
7. Germander Speedwell7. Elder
8. Green Alkenet8. Oak
9. Red Dead-nettle9. Walnut
10. Goosegrass10. Cherry Plum
11. Cow Parsley11. Privet
12. Ground Ivy12. English Elm
13. Common Vetch13. Holly
14. Jack-by-the-Hedge14. Box
15. Bluebell15. Horse Chestnut
16. Lords and Ladies16. Ash
17. White Dead-nettle17. London Plane
18. Ribwort Plantain18. Hawthorn
19. Dove’s Foot Crane’s Bill19. Lilac
20. Dock20. Holm Oak
21. Forget-me-not21. Wild Cherry
22. Petty Spurge22. Apple
23. Buttercup23. Blackthorn
24. Shepherd’s Purse24. European Larch
25. Greater Celendine25. Beech
26. Herb Bennet26. Scots Pine

And the best news is that we have already raised about £250 and we still have the ‘give.net’ donations to add to this (more information when we have it). If you want to know more about the challenge, click the link for details.

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