Part-time job at Burnham Abbey

The Sisters at Burnham Abbey (which is less than two miles from our church) are increasing in age and finding it difficult to cope with the everyday tasks for the community and the guests they host. A look at their website will explain a little more of the history of the Abbey and its mission As you will see, the principle work of the community is worship, thanksgiving and intercession. 

The community is looking to employ someone to assist and eventually take over from the kitchen sister in serving, clearing, cleaning, simple cooking and food preparation.

  • Do you enjoy cooking? (no need to be a trained chef but a home cook)
  • Are you interested in a part time job paid or voluntary?
  • Would you like a job that fits around school hours?
  • Does working 15 – 20 hours a week work with your other commitments?
  • Would you be interested in this as an individual or a job share?
  • Does being in a quiet and contemplative environment appeal to you?

Interested or curious to know more?……………..You may have questions about the job itself, the community and way of life of the sisters, how it would be to be working in this environment or how to be around the Sisters and in their home. If this sounds interesting and you want to find out more, please email Nicki Jefferies Then if you want to take your interest further we can organise a visit to the Abbey and an application.

Finally, it may be that this isn’t for you but you can think of someone for whom this might be a good opportunity. Please do pass it on. Thank you.

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