Passiontide and Easter Message

Dear friends,

During this last week, I visited Dorney church to observe one of my colleagues running “Experience Easter” with children from Dorney school.  It reminded me of my curacy days in Sutton when I took part in the Easter Experience … a play for schools put on by local churches about the last week of Jesus’ life from the entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to his Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

I loved playing the part of the angel … a very scary angel according to one of my colleagues! But then the events of that first Easter must have been utterly terrifying to those first disciples … first to watch their beloved Lord and master suffer and die a cruel death and then to grapple with the impossibility of the message that he had been raised to life again.

As we travel through this Passiontide and Easter and relive those events in our worship, and as we face our own betrayals and tragedies, challenges and joys in life, this Easter prayer by Janet Morley expresses something of that very real terror, and yet invites us to embrace with joy the reality of resurrection life.

God Bless,

Your Vicar: Jane

When we are all despairing;

When the world is full of grief;

When we see no way ahead,

And hope has gone away:

Roll back the stone!


Although we fear change;

Although we are not ready;

Although we would rather weep

And run away:

Roll back the stone!


Because we’re coming with the women;

Because we hope where hope is vain;

Because you call us from the grave

And show the way.

Roll back the stone!

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