Mission Action Planning

Our work to create a new five year Mission Action Plan (MAP) is a continuous process  which began in our parish in the Autumn of 2015. The plan was created from:

  1. The views and opinions of the clergy and laity who make up the parish
  2. The evidence from the parish profile indicating current and future needs
  3. The priorities outlined in the Deanery and Diocesan MAPs

Following PCC discussions, a meeting with the Headteacher and key staff of St Nicolas’ School, an Open Parishes meeting, a Questionnaire Consultation and personal inputs, the views and opinions of the parish laity were presented in an initial draft MAP at the Annual Parish Council Meeting on 20th March 2016 and subsequently reviewed by the PCC on 22nd March 2016.  With the appointment of a new Vicar in February, 2017, work began on addressing the key priorities within the overall plan.  The new Vicar reported on progress at the Annual Parish Meeting in April, 2018.

A key development this year has been the establishment of a Worship Sub-Committee which has conducted a survey of people’s views about our worship and how it might be improved.  The PCC is to review progress on our Mission Action Plan in the autumn 2018.

Our commitments under the three headings: Faithful to God, Caring for each other, Serving the Community are listed under About Us.

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