About Us

Welcome to the parish communities of St Anne’s, Dropmore and St Nicolas’, Taplow.  Whether….

  • …you are already part of our church communities
  • …you are new to this area
  • …you have family links to our parishes
  • …you are interested in baptism, a wedding or a funeral in our churches
  • …or you simply want to find out more about us…

this website is for YOU!  You can find out…..

  • …about our services and provision for children and young people
  • …what is going on in our church communities
  • …about our mission priorities
  • …who to contact for different things
  • …more about the history of our beautiful churches


Our two congregations have worked together to develop a united vision:

  1. To be faithful to God by improving opportunities for our church community to deepen our relationship with God.
  2. To build up our church community through strengthening the ways in which we care for each other.
  3. To enhance ways in which the church serves the community, both locally and beyond

We have established a series of commitments which we are to focus on over the next five years.

Faithful to God

We want to be more prayerful in our lives and our worship.

  • We will work towards our two churches being open for the daily offices and personal prayer
  • We will review our patterns of worship to be approachable and engaging for all on their spiritual journey with the Eucharist at the centre
  • We will maintain and improve the quality of our worship particularly building on our rich tradition of choral music

Caring for Each Other

We want to work more closely together and care more deeply about each other, our local schools and our communities

  • We will develop ways to improve our pastoral care for our congregations, the pupils, staff and parents of our schools, and our local communities
  • We will develop Oasis to be recognised as a key spiritual hub for our parishes, our Deanery and our Diocese
  • We will develop our work with children and young people including our Sunday School, Young Choristers and Young Church in ways that are complementary to our style of worship

Serving the Community

We want our church to be valued by our community for what it does and be central to our community life

  • We will build stronger active links with St Nicolas School and Dropmore School
  • We will formalise our outreach work to become a key part of our mission
  • We will be pro-active in connecting with the Riverside and Station housing developments within our parish
  • We will enhance the use of the church buildings for community activities so that the church is used regularly for both church initiated and community initiated events
  • We will promote stewardship and giving in the context of Christian discipleship and in the context of our community role to ensure the financial security of both parishes and maintain their on-going viability